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in the top of your game like roger federer and serena williams are at their game? >> all day every day. let me ask you a question. >> yes? >> do you have any tears? >> no, there is no crime against sports. >> we'll see. >> and you will see -- off the wall is next. it's the perfect match for the perfect moment -- oreo the dunkin' way. introducing the new oreo coffee coolatta and new oreo vanilla bean coolatta. taste the fun today. america runs on dunkin'. hurry in to dunkin' and try the new oreo coolatta and donuts today. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if the miles aren't interesting? the lexus ct hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. . >>> off the wall, wisdom martin and dave martin. >> yeah. >> this is a busy week for grown folks. >> it is. >> serena williams and. >> roger federer. >> roger federer. >> like youia. >> and classic. >> he's the thing. they both, you know, in the 30s. >> yeah. >> and they still winning. >> which is amazing. >> which is amazing, you know, 30 is the new 20, maybe in. >> is it? this is the thing. >> an
.uni fds @@iviss n . o @ . n @ n <>>buen dia para serena william hoy >>gana ens singlese y dobles >>y mañana la final masculina >>que sería una autentica locura si gana andrew m urray, aunque tiene enfrentei fds @@univision unive una univision@@not.uni fd contrado hasta junio de 2006 martínez jugo para jaguares tres temporadas >>serena william gana su quinto titulo de torneo de wimbledon derrotando a la polaca. >>en las mayores andrew jones lleva a su equipo a un fácil triunfo.univisuniont.uni @@ivisn > muchas gracias, losionnot.uni fn repetian ,mununi fds @@univisio hombre de massachussetts que isionnot.uni fds @@univisionnot@ o con ahorros de centavos su hipoteca más tarde más noticias ahora heuni fdamos con aq@@ y ahot.un@
with the now brooklyn nantes. brooklet has got rich in and gets the hang with jasey. serena williams working after capturing the wimbledon crown. she is up against nicole games from stanford. serena williams won in straight sets. >> i definitely felt sluggish and looked sluggish today, it was good just to get the victory over with and move on. my body is so used to this kind of weather. it was really bright. it was so gloomy and london. >>gary: when we come back one of the most extensive verges' sips in history. raw >>gary: this international soccer star is paid $750,000 a year to endorse coke. they caught him drinking pepsi after a game and immediately avoided his contract. it just sounds harsh. i once worked at a place where they fired a guy for not clearing out his computer, too many e-mail's. you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen.
this. a very subtle sign of serena williams' glee of winning wimbledon. in a tweet, with "yea" with 42 "a." >> what a fighter. what a comeback. she never gave up. she's a tough girl and good for her. >>> lot of other news to get to this morning as well. including a man hunt on the west coast. who was shooting lasers at pilots were coming in for landing at san francisco. what's more alarming this type of prank is on the rise. >>> and a remarkable coming together in one of the most act are rye moan yus, the r&b singer usher after putting aside their custody battle. >>> also is this woman a hero or a lawbreaker. you heard about this woman, dan. she wrote out this sign to warn about an upcoming speed act. that sign may have landed her jail. is what she did legal? we'll have the answers coming up. >>> some good news this morning. the heat wave that has tormented much of america for ten days has finally peaked. there's a huge mess to clean up, like buckled roads and train tracks. abc meteorologist ginger zee has the latest. >> we start with the around 2,000 record highs, all of the yellow bu
forecast. but first here is vernon with sports. >> straight ahead, serena williams first match since wimbledon. right here in the bay area, and ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> in this week's jefferson award winner is not letting cancer treatment slow her down. in fact she is still doing everything that she can to help others in the same situation. >> it is the move to improve class at bayview hunters point ymca. and stretching alongside a for classmates is gail bishop. fate 12 you're breast cancer survivor. it is hard to believe that this was gail the day before. at a hospital getting her fourth round of chemotherapy. >> i not a person to sit around and say " i have breast cancer ... ". >> she was diagnosed with cancer in 2000. more questions that she had about the disease, the more she realized there was not enough resources in her community. >> i wanted to know why we, as african-american women, why we did not want to talk about this disease. >> so 12 years ago she found the first chapter of the sisters network right here in the bayview. it is part of the national organization for africa
williams could become the queen of,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> a year ago serena williams had a health scare her career on the ropes after foot injuries and blood clots. her ranking drop to 175 in the world. rode into the wimbledon finals first set when this. williams went the first five games and take the set 6-1. then came the rain and to lead the match for 20 minutes. her opponent responded. she would rally to win the next set. serena is serbs again her biggest weapon 17 aces. a record 102. williams and control up in the third set. the drop in cheyenne she can serve for the match she finishes with the floors. she took the last five games. 61576 still serena is comeback complete winning her record 14th grand slam. her motion was shown here she climbed to the stance and had her husband and sister. syringed in of the company her fifth wimbledon title. martina navratilova won nine times. circassian now is tied with big sister venus >>> is 32 and the new 20? >>> hello >>> i've been saying mentally i'm 12 or 13 >>> you have 5 of these trophies now you can match your sister venus now. >>> i had
, the lady's final at wimbledon. serena williams is going for her fifth title. amanda is joining us. serena is the clear favorite today, right? we hope? >> reporter: yes. good morning. that is the case. afraid to say it's a wet morning here at wimbledon. serena williams on the top of your game is hard enough. she's face iing someone who was forced to keocancel her news conference ahead of her grand slam final. she will be fit to play today. really, without that, she was going to be the underdog going into this one against the 13-time grand slam champion, as you say. she's lost to serena in both premeetings. serena, looking for her fifth title here at wimbledon. she's not had it all her own way. six weeks ago, she was in the first round of the french open. she's stepped it up here in the last couple matches beating a champion hitting a record 24 aces in the semifinal against victoria. you would say serena williams the fan favorite. people are hoping it's not a two-set blink and you miss it. >> absolutely. let's talk about the men. that happens tomorrow. murray in a wimbledon final. people we
the double championship, then flying to the west coast for a tournament today. that's what serena williams did. i'll have a report coming up in sports. you ready buddy? you're probably not getting called up to the majors. but your fence? that's pro. finish like a pro with cabot wood stains. cabot...that's pro. >>> a sudden closure of a san francisco dry cleaner has some customers wondering what happened to the owner. clothes and cleaners is a well- liked business. it had rave five-star reviews. customers say it's been shut down for a month with no explanation and a way for people to get their clothes back. the owner called to say she's been ill and will try to open later this week. >>> a bay area research center has received new funding to help american troops dealing with ptsd. the army has granted more than 1.5 million to researchers at the research center in emeryville. the scientists say they hope to develop new treatments for alcohol and substance abuse lined to posttraumatic stress disorder. >>> historically, this is one of the slowest sports days of the year, but not in the bay area
. that's how serena williams described her monster victory at wimbledon. an emotional comeback from a disease that nearly killed her. we're live at the all england club with williams' win for the ages. the celebration that you have to see. ♪ >>> hey, good morning, everybody. i love this. a very subtle sign of serena williams' glee at having won wimbledon yesterday. this tweet, with "yea" with 42 "as." we actually had bianna golodryga do the math on that one. >> but, what a fighter. what a comeback. even at her lowest points, after multiple surgeries, the lung clots, she never gave up. she's a tough girl and good for her. >>> there's a lot of other news to get to this morning as well, including a manhunt on the west coast. who was shooting laser pointers into the eyes of pilots as they were coming in for landing at san francisco? the fbi has now joined the hunt. this is no kids' game. this could be deadly, possibly causing a plane crash. what's more alarming, this type of prank is on the rise. >> jim avila on that story. >>> and a remarkable coming together in one of the most acrim
if he does not qualify for the football final four. serena williams for the first time in her career played an indoor match. she would not mind keeping the roof shut facing the winnable champ. roof or no roof, good luck handling that serve from surry now. -- from serena williams. she had the power game going. the defending champion had no shaq of -- no shot of tracking that one down. williams, a foretime limbo land champion, advances -- a 4-time wimbledon champion and advances to the finals. chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. >> power companies are under the gun and residents exasperated. plus, as we celebrate america on the 4th of july, the stepped-up security at the inner harbor in particular. these [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the new santa fe steak melts. get extra grande flavor with the santa fe steak & bacon melt. juicy steak, crispy bacon, and melted cheese with creamy santa fe caesar. or try adding egg for a santa fe steak, bacon & egg melt -- a favorito for breakfast but
the weather and serena williams her thoughts into comeback as champion. ,,,,,,,,,,,, [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. right now, peaches grown right here in california are just 77 cents a pound. get a super low price on tide. $10.99 for 100 ounces. yoplait yogurt is just 50 cents. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. >>> after foot surgery and blood clots serena williams on the outside looking in, her career in jeopardy ranking drop to 175 in the world, serena in the final, she won the first five games of the first set. the match was delayed 20 minutes to to rain. down 3-1 she rallied and williams made mistakes. 17 aces today hair record 102. williams in control in the third. trying to become the first woman in her '30's to win since the 1990's. here's how she finished with a flourish. took a last five games she complete the come back and wins her 14th grand slam, and the journey to get
programa, acompÁÑenos en sÓlo minutos fin <>>buen dia para serena william hoy >>gana en singlese y dobles >>y mañana la final masculina >>que sería una autentica locura gana andrew m urray, aunque tiene enfrente a roger feder >>vamos al fútbol mexicano >>el uruayo iván alonso no juega más pa toluca, fue sometido a un cateterismo, luego de tener moltias la primera temporada, los médicos aconsejan no jugar en la aura. >>el jugador dijo que toluca tiene una hioria de 95 años y durante 9 no hubo un iván alons, que noabrá problemas. >>es fichado por porto de portugal, por 4 temporadas, contrado hasta junio de 2006 martínez jugo para jaguares tres temporadas >>serena william gana su quinto titulo de torneo de wimbledon derrotando a la polaca. >>enlas mayores andrew jones lleva su equipo a un fácil triunfo. >>mañana en la republica entrevista exclusiva con joaquin de olmo nuevo tecnico.>> muchas gracias, los abuelos lo repetian ,muosocos hacen muchos, o sino preguntenle a un hombre de massachussetts que pago su hipoteca, el último pago conahorro de centavos su hipoteca más tar má
grand slam del aÑo. en tanto, ganaron la estadounidense serena williams y la checa petra kvitova, otras ex campeonas en londres. y se despidiÓ para siempre de este torneo la belga kim clijsters. serena williams, sexta favorita, frenÓ la marcha de la kazaja yaroslava shvedova al ganarle en un duri Ísimo duelo y meterse en los cuartos de final de wimbledon. hasta aqui los deportes tendremos mas esta noche solo a las once. cuelas del condado de montgomery permaneceran cerradas hasta nuevo aviso. mas de la mitad de las escuelas de este condadoanecen e energia electrica, lo que ifica que los ninos se hasta el. casa de la risahehmunivisionlav
clÁusulaisionnot.uni fv pruebas medicase. en tenis serena williams, 5 horas despuÉs de ganar el titulo individual tambiÉn se hizo con el titulo de bronde y para lasnd hermanase fue su tisturelon en wimbledon.univision@@henot.uni e programa completo, una @@not.un. regreso contigo. >>> al volver le contaremos lo ocurrido en la primera jornada de los festejos deisionnot.uns >>> antesnot.un loshet.uni late @ e e e @@vamosision a descansar. nos vemos maÑana.
: wimbledon crowned a new queen today as serena williams wins her 14th grand slam title i'll have the $4 everyday value slam with... bacon. wait... yeah... well, yeah, bacon. and my eggs sunny side-up. no, umm, over-easy. the $4 everyday value slam. one of 4 great choices for $4 off the 2-4-6-8 value menu. only at denny's. >> alan: we have breaking news from san francisco. police are on the scene of a shooting -- we're going to move on to another story here. the historic bridge in yosemite is in danger. the iconic -- -- the bridge seen here in this photo and two others are slated for possible removal under proposed plan to restore the merced river. some experts say it should be shaped by nate dispiewr not man. park officials say the plan is not final and should be -- the changes changes should save the bridges. >> ama: a san diego teen with a dark past never imagined she would be opening a padres game by singing the national anthem. ♪ >> ama: to hear her sing you would never know she was homeless. he said her goal is to change how you think about the homeless. >> all homeless people ar
. murley face roger federer. go to the women's side today. serena williams looking for her first major win since wimbledon in 2010. first set, serena serving in the near court to win the set. her serve is too strong for radwanska. radwanska takes the second set. headed to third. serena's serve takes over. one ace. how about another? there you go. and a third time? yeah. that one's a charm, too. and then serving out the game -- four aces in a row. serena with a record. 102 aces in this tournament. unbelievable. championship points, serena in the far court, just too strong. serena williams, your 2012 wimbledon champ. fifth title of the all-england club. a williams sister won ten of the last 13 wimbledon titles. serena battling injury and ill inside, was quited but emotional after the win. >> what doesn't kill you definitely makes you stronger. i feel definitely like a stronger person and winning today was worth it. you know, because i just think all of those moments, you know, just having two foot surgeries, getting blood clots and being on my couch never wanting to get up i was so depressed
and finds his way out to sea soon. >>> fresh off her fifth wimbledon championship, serena williams is in action right here in the bay area. and brian wilson making quite an impression at tonight's sports awards. >>> good evening, everybody. real light night up until friday when baseball rules. espn tries this academy awarpeds of sports -- awards of sport, and the best game was -- >> 49ers versus saints. [ cheering and applause ] >> all right so good for the 49ers. they had in attendance vernon davis, patrick willis, and another very special individual. so let's congratulate the 49ers. their game with the saints. the best of the year. here's vernon. >> i would like to thank all our 49er fans out there [ cheering and applause ] >> all the coaches, team owner, and last but not least, my quarterback, alex smith. also i would like to salute jimmy, a young man battling cystic fibrosis. [ cheering and applause ] >> nice touch there by the 49ers. the male athlete of the year was in las vegas this evening. lebron james working out with the u.s. olympic team. he beat out aaron roger, joko v
slamouts for serena williams. the world's former number one captured the win today in three sets. the 30-year-old's 14th major championship. serena williams becomes the first woman in her 30s to win a title. it's her fifth. round three women's u.s. open golf. kohler continues. suzanne pederson of norway has been overtaken by south korean choi here on number 12, putting the 8 under. now we move to west virginia. this tournament still going on. looking at birdie number 7, and he does. he is in the lead after 54 holes. that's under. that's exactly where he stands on the leaderboard. >> meantime, some hairy racing going on last night. like that? is in daytona beach, florida, danica patrick during a 250-miler she smashes the wall with 15 laps left. take a look from inside the ride as the steering column tries to force its way into her face. kurt busch crossed line first. checkered flag. big crash. a whole lot of twisted sheet metal behind him. kurt busch not that concerned as he wins. later on daytona tonight and we hope to have highlights. coke 0-400. >> and as if that is not enough, the he
, serena williams going for her 14th grand slam title and the giants in pittsburgh looking to make it two straight against the pirates. sports, coming up. >>> two more days until the all-star break and the giants could certainly use the rest. today marked the 12th straight game that they've played a division-leading team, and unfortunately they have not fared well. they did pick up a win against the n.l.-central leading pirates yesterday. game two and james mcdonald was dominated early via the strikeouts. he would have ten "ks" on the day. but play would be interrupted by a rain delay. you talk about those hot temperatures and rain, yuck. fofl it was a short one. two out in the bottom of the fourth, mchenry, solo shot over the left field wall. and they score and it's a one-run game. two out and a runner on first and pedro alvarez doubles to left and that means andrew mccutchen has plenty of time to come home, pirates win 3-1, the giants sixth loss in the last eight games. >>> chris carter gave the a's a walk off in, it was a pinch hit home run, carter becomes the first rookie in a's histo
to like that. >> absolutely. serena williams looks to complete her comeback with her 14th grand slam title at wimbledon. joints lock giants look to change their fortunes. two more against the division leading pirates. >>> two more days until the all-star break and the giants could use it. today marked the 12th straight game, san francisco has played in division leading team. and unfortunately they have not fared well. they did pick up a win against nl central leading pirates yesterday. game two today. james mcdonald, just dominated. with the strikeouts. he had ten strikeouts on the day. play would be interrupted for a short time. 26 minutes because of the rain delay. so you have got the heat and the wet weather. makes for a very sticky one. bottom of the fourth. mike mchenry gets a solo shot and that gives the pirates a 2-0 lead. then, a runner on. singles up the middle. and comes around to score. a one-run game. but, with two out on the bottom of the sixth. pedro alvarez, send out to left. a double. and mccutchin time to score. pirates win, 3-1. giants lose their sixth in the last eight g
. >>> and the comeback. will serena williams go from the bottom of her career -- >> i literally almost died. >> -- to a big win at wimbledon this morning? can she take the top prize? ♪ >>> you're liking the music this morning. >> that is one of my favorite songs, matt picked that song, kudos to you. welcome back, bianna golodryga. >> thank you. happy to be back. >> nice to have you back. >> a quick vacation. man, i've come back to a lot of news this morning. a lot of news this week. >> yeah. >> hello, everybody. it's saturday, july 7th. disappointing jobs numbers yesterday. another disappointing number. 69,000 created in may. 80,000 last month. it's jump-started the race for the white house. both sides coming out swinging. analysts saying these numbers could be the defining turning point of the race. we're going to get further into that coming up. >> tough dynamic for the president. >>> plus, it was one of the most sensational trials in recent history. the case of scott peterson. they made made-for-tv movies about this case. this morning, a big new development. there could be a round two
. he had 15 points. the americans held on for an 86- 80 exhibition victory over argentina. >>> serena williams was set to play tonight for the kastles but had to back out to rest her back before heading to london for the olympics. big sister venus is the perfect sub. the kastles are going for their record 26th straight win. venus williams was the star traction tonight playing a singles and doubles match. -- attraction tonight playing a singles and doubles match. she cruised in her singles match. after winning both matches venus left straight from the court saying good-bye to her world team tennis teammates and head coach and immediately boarded a plane to compete in the olympic games in london. the kastles won easily over kansas city 25-8 and improve to 10-0 this year and keep that 26 game winning streak alive. >> you don't go into this trying to create a streak. you can't even imagine stuff like this, but now that we've done it just being part of something like this is so rare and hard to accomplish. it's a really special experience. >> so congratulations to the kastles. get this. t
en el futbol cuscatleco. y cerramos con tenis porque la estadounidense serena williams, sexta cabeza de serie este aÑo en wimbledon, se asegurÓ hoy martes una plaza en las semifinales femeninas al derrotar a la Última ganadora del torneo, la checa p5 en una hora y 24 minutos. la menor de las hermanas williams llega a octava vez en una semifinal de wimbledon, torneo que ha ganado en cuatro ocasiones.
after a moment in the hospital room, serena williams thought she would never return to tennis. hannah storm with that and the other fever spreading that we didn't see today. >>> good evening. great to have you here. we begin this saturday night with new records in what has become an historic heat wave. triple digit heat again tonight across this country, now warning that the cold front bringing relief in many parts, could bring a dangerous clash first. look at this reservoir in indiana tonight. bone dry, nothing but the dock in the middle of nowhere. the reservoir losing a foot a day all this week. so many first responders going above and beyond. this volunteer firefighter in illinois, cooling himself sprayed with water before going back into a house fire. look at the map when you combine temperatures with humidity. you get the feel-like map, the heat index, so many of us tonight well above 100. abc's extreme weather team beginning with david kerley at the nation's capital where it is the hottest it's ever been on this day. >> reporter: good evening, david. here in washington, the rec
and the a's 5 came when streak is gone. serena williams the match point and it would be a serene it serena williams taking in three sets to win her sport in career grand slam. the women's u.s. open every big chasing her with eight birdies they've been filled by six shots in wisconsin. earthquakes soccer take a look at the goal the john synge note to dallas thought once but twice on this sequence and it ends in a scoreless tie. coming up later on and on game day and 1130 johnson the quarterback for the forty- niners if that's not enough lynch running back for the seattle seahawks also stopping by with a few laughs and sharing a few stories and entertain the audience for now have a great rest of the morning. >>> a close look at the high speed rail the next half hour greta for the new jobs promise a multibillion-dollar price tag coming up the conversation with the assemblyman. >>> thousands knocked off line internet but create chaos and what you could do to lecture connection is not at risk. >> as a community mourn the tragic death of an officer's toddler, it new information about the weapo
happened to natalie wood. >>> and that comeback after a moment in the hospital room, serena williams thought she would never return to tennis. hannah storm standing by and the other fever spreading that we didn't see today. >>> good evening, we begin this saturday night with new records in what has become an historic heat wave. triple digit heat again tonight throughout the country, now warnings that the cold front bringing relief in many parts could bring a dangerous clash first. look at this reservoir in indiana tonight. bone dry, nothing but the dock in the middle of nowhere. so many first responders going above and beyond. this volunteer cooling himself, sprayed with water before going back into a house fire. look at the map when you combine temperatures with humidity. heat index we're well into triple digits in so many parts. the extreme weather team is at the nation's capit kerley where it's the hottest it's ever been. >> good evening. records were broken and weir not alone. half the country, the mercury rising to levels we've never seen in years. it was down right miserable in
is there watching all this. they're caught up in all the action. this is certainly a big day for serena williams. >> reporter: it is, randi, yeah. thanks very much. welcome to the all-england club, to wimbledon, where serena williams has just lifted the venus rosewater dish for the fifth time. incredibly, ten years after she won her first title here at wimbledon. people have suggested that today was going to be a walk in the park for her against first-time grand slam finalist agnieszka radwanska from poland, but it wasn't quite that way, was it? as you said, it was three sets. serena got off to a fantastic start and marched to the first set 6-1 in just 36 minutes. then there was a rain delay. the players went off court for 20, 25 minutes or so, and radwanska came back really a very different player. she's been suffering from a chest infection, of course, and had lost to serena on both of their two previous meetings, but she went on to take that second set 7 games to 5, and people were talking about an upset here, but then serena really showed her class, showed her experience, and she went on to
the service, her father very impressed, serena williams very much into this match. it was much closer in the second set, a record 24 aces. if she wins in straight sets to advance to the final and will be going for her fifth title their case. next up for williams, aggie in the near court taking on an elite. her best offense is usually a good defense. stays alive. it and able to put her away with the overhead, and then it just bounces on a backhand winner down the line. she advances to her first grand slam final, if she beats williams then she will be the new number one player in the world. that is the leader of the tour de france just showing love. stage five, he felt that, another biker caused that crash. he went after him later on sang " you cannot do that to someone ". the cyclist from germany won the final sprint to the finish line. he remains the overall leader in gets the congratulatory kiss. tiger woods submitted this week that the media has been " a " for the past couple of years. a shocker. having to answer questions about his slump. everyone stretch for the greenbrier classic
the heat venus williams action her little sister in the wimbledon semifinals serena williams something to see broke her own record with 24 aces including this one on match 0.6-three, 7-6 win over victoria azarenka serena williams serena gets anyeska radwanska championship match on saturday. tiger wood's first time did not exactly embrace the experience shot 718 off of the it lead and my old partner jonathan byrd of running second - 6. and united states women's open under way. ♪ multi-policy discount... paperless discount... paid in full discount... [yawning] homeowner's discount... safe driver discount... unicorn discount. unicorn wearing a sombrero. olé... countless discounts -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. you know what i love about this country? trick question. i love everything about this country! including prilosec otc. you know one pill each morning treats your frequent heartburn so you can enjoy all this great land of ours has to offer like demolition derbies. and drive thru weddings. so if you're one of those people who gets heartburn and th
, serena williams said it was important to fulfill her commitment and play in the bank of the west tennis classic. not only did she play, but she out played everyone in the >>> serena williams took care of business and she did the same as stanford's bank of the west. next stop, london. she played in her final expe clearly in favor of serena. in command and next point and serena serving. she returns lefty and goes back righty and misses the easy backhand. championship point and serena another forehand winner. 7-5, 6-3. normally when jack johnson has yarr dej or club -- yarr dej or club question he asks his caddie, but his caddie was playing in the senior u.s. open. without greene by his side johnson almost choked away the john deere classic. he walked up 18 it was all in the bag, but madison put a charge into the eagle putt on 7 steen, and when it roll -- on 7 steen, and when it rolled around and in they were tied. johnson stunned when he heard it. madison with his approach into the water. he needed green to say lay it up man. he went for it and found the drink. a pair of double bogies. jo
's offer and let jason kidd tutor jeremy. >>> serena williams onto the wimbledon finals. she's the only one left among the american players. ve venus was -- venus was out of there in round 1. and just watch serena do her thing. she adadvances -- advances. >>> a pair of soccer notes, earthquakes' forward chris onedolow ski -- wondolowski, the league's player of the month. 11, 4, and 3. and david beckham already had a one-game suspension, now he's going to have to sit out another. he was injured on the ground at stanford stadium, issued a yellow card for kicking the ball when the game was not in progress. he missed the galaxy's home loss on wednesday. now he's going to miss it in chicago. he still feels it, apparently, at his age. >>> five stages down in the tour de france, 121 miles today. of there's a crash in the last 3 kilometers of the stage. very nasty fall. and then andrei rapull won this in a split finish. fabian -- retains the yellow jersey and gets the kiss. so there you go. and the bicycling, that thing goes on and on. and wimbledon, it's nice if you're a diehard tennis fan. but wh
in the first set then fell apart. he has a screaming winter and rotted out. maybe for good. serena williams lost the first set, a record 23 aces, and battled in the third set before winning 9-7. a world record at the exchange rally. the drivers great tracy completes a 66 ft. sloop, the track is lumber than two football fields. one more time, alameda sheriff's turning facility what can happen to would be suspect. >>> the time is now, hard work and all the turning has led to this day, you can get it done, you can get done. koula out there and show them what you can do. i think they're ready. >>> the cover your canine campaign eight teams appearing at 40 pet food express locations. they're like playful little pups. the foundation provides bulletproof vests and love and fun for these dogs. at the swimming trials in omaha element from alum pulled off a stunner in the 200 breaststroke he went to uc-davis and searched in the final lap to take the lead and finished first and earned a spot on the olympic team. and going to london. home cooking representing the olympic games. >>> foodies vs animal ri
9-4. serena williams pete coco vandeweghe in the bank of the west classic at stanford. final round of john deere classic is that johnson delivers the knockout blow. he taps in for birdie to pick up his second win of the year. almost a gimme. nascar the monster ma in new hampshire to any hammond lead for half their raise but casey cain wins his second race of the year. coming up on game day tonight. >>> see you at 11 on cbs 5 good night.
the twins 7-1 in the fifth. serena williams just two wins from defending her title at the bank of the west classic shall be an action tonight at stanford. this afternoon semifinals but koko vanna white lost a qualifier she gets in a big serve, she wins the first set 6- 2, to the third set here's the 20 year-old the biggest match of her career, less go to match point, the niece of former nba player and kiki vanna white place for her first title tomorrow. >>> david lee keeping an eye on his young warrior teammates in the summer league. the first-round pick knows what to do with that 13 points and four steals for him. the other first rounder crashes the boards. this is like schoolyard. he get 17 points and charles jacobs takes over the second half. the warriors when that 95-74. the raiders have reached a contract with their safety the deal is for four years according to cbs sports the deal was worth $26 million palance 17 million guaranteed. raiders but the franchise tax on branch. he spent the leading tackler for the last couple seasons. at the u.s. senior open, lance 10 broke was the leader
's are red hot. there's the big five in minnesota oakland roups the twins 9-3. bank of the west serena williams the top seed tears apart her opponent shell made fellow american coco vandeweghe tomorrow. three goals tonight san jose beat saw playing 5-0. bernhard langer gets this one it went in. >>> that does it for us eyewitness news at ten before rego another look at the bay bridge we've learned and asphalt spill the three right lanes are blocked no estimated time for reopened will have the latest at 11:00 p.m. see you then.
, serena williams is hoping that history does not repeat itself. after capturing the title two years ago, she cut her feet on glass at a restaurant, causing blood clots and her lungs and two operations. the same fight that she showed off the court on display today. lots of support and the stands. serena delivers the backhand winner, 6-1. second set, a different story. the back and, down the line. her opponent takes the second set. serena comes back strong in the third set. serving for the match, beforehand, the backhand, and other back and ends it. serena claims her fourth wimbledon title. u.s. olympic basketball team posing for photos in los angeles. the final three spots were announced today. they joined carmelo anthony, lebron james, and kobe bryant on the team. the americans open training camp friday. john collins is going for the gold with a spectacular forecast coming up. >>> tell me something good. please! >> we will deal with insteps. tomorrow, 90's instead of one hundredths. also, thunderstorms tomorrow. we have a range chance every day next week, not big chances, the front will
-1. wimbledon women's final serena williams in the final. match point and williams turns it off. her 14th career slam women's u.s. open, eight birdies and seven under 65 and leads the field by six in wisconsin. this anisette earthquakes a nice save, and in a scoreless tie 0- his zero that pitchers soccer >>> see you at 11 good
clÁusula de 40 millones. aunque el cierre depende de las pruebas medicase. en tenis serena williams, 5 horas despuÉs de ganar el titulo individual tambiÉn se hizo con el titulo de bronde y para las hermanase fue su tisturelonn wimbledon. >>> este domingo le nemos un programa completo, una entrevis con el tÉcnico joaquÍn del olmo. regreso contigo. >>> al volver le contaremos lo ocurrido en la primera jornada de los festejos de san fermÍn en pamplona. >>> antes los dejamos con ♪ >>> y para terminar, vamos a espaÑa, donde comenzaron 9 dÍas de festejos dentro de la tradicional feria de san fermÍn, esna de las fiestas mÁs disfrutan de este espectÁculo. y en pamplona ya estÁn listos para la segundacorrida mientras nos vamos a descansar. nos vemos maÑana.
in the next three. there's a screaming the liner. serena williams lost the first set she had a record 23 aces, and she won 9-7, last night at the swimming trials scott wells and pulled off a stunner in the 200 m breast stroke he was born in san jose and and when to uc- davis he finished first to secure a spot on the olympic team. his first trip to the olympics. relic car drivers completed and elkhorn slough: 52 mi. an hour, the track is longer than two football fields. you had to see it again. me with the troops from alameda county's finest. >>> the time is now all the hard work of a turning has led to this day you can get done, and you can get done, go out there and show them what you can do. >>> i think they are ready. >>> these dogs are vicious only on command. 80 canine teams will appear at pet express' locations in the bay area to raise money to support the canine programs when you don't wear the bite suit they are calm little puppies. she was trying to rip me to shreds. >>> the dog is coming at you are you scared? >>> of course i am. they teach you to brace yourself you don't want to ge
the dodgers by one game and after that. serena williams arrives just three days after winning wimbledon for the bank of the west classic coco vandeweghe unqualified after other players withdrew from the field. >>> when it counts take more going to do your a phenomenal athlete you're gifted >>> that is hmong giving her a pat tot vandeweghe and had a 5-3 lead but serena rally back. and the second set sirena blast the surf. she beats vandeweghe in straight sets to win the bank of the west classic for the second year in a row. >>> i told him he did not have to come here and i called him and said " daddy can you cannot please " he jump on the next line and was sirte thank you dad. plus soviet home watching everything ever wipe him none is will be here i did not lie and to come in first he has this in schedule i have but and younger. it is tough on glad he was able to come out. >>> the pga final round of john deere klass said down two strokes with two holes to go roles in for eagle 24 supply off. second called johnson delivers the knockout blow. i'd say that will wrap up johnson temps in for
them. serena williams did something a 31-year-old woman that has not done since 1998. she blasts a serf to take the first set 6-1. she had 17 aces today. a record 102 for the tournament. she is dealing with a respiratory infection. no side effects there. surreal false to the ground in amazement. -- serena falls to the ground in amazement. well deserved. fifth wimbledon title. >> i just think of all of those moments having two injuries and getting blood clots and being on my couch never wanting to get up because i was so depressed. i was like, i cannot take any more. i kept praying. my prayers are answered. >> the u.s. men's basketball team is gearing up for the olympics holding their first practice. their biggest opponent may be injuries. final cuts will be made tonight. >> we still have a lot of depth. we have a great deal of versatility. speed and agility. we have quite a few strengths. >> it is unfortunate we have a lot of guys that were going to be part of the team -- new guys will come in. >> with backer i think they will do ok. tommy thompson was knocked out with a sixth round >>
to take on texas on tuesday. >> it's been an appeasing stretch for serena william. she won at the bank of the west today. her opponent, ceo vandeweghe. the gap in experience was evident. serena serbing, vandeweghe returns with the left hand. switches bag righty, and misses it. serena, another winner. williams is back-to-back bank of the west titles. >> zach johnson needed good caddie advice on the first playoff hole on the john deere classic. the problem was his usual caddie was not at his side. he was playing at the u.s. senior open. johnson thought he had the thing in the bag. troy matteson was two back and he uses the whole cup. moves to 20-under, into a first-place tie. johnson walking up 18, stunned. first playoff hole, matteson into the water. here'sy johnson needed his caddie. finds the drink. a pair of double bogeys. they replay 18 and johnson finds the fairway bunker again. this time ropes the best 6 iron approach. a tap-in bird for his second tour win this year. u.s. senior open, final round in michigan. roger chapman, an unlikely winner of this jeer's senior championship. ca
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